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The book aims to give the reader a basic understanding of what is required in order to work in a hairdressing salon, the basic science of hairdressing and the health and safety issues. performance will be satisfactory if the guidelines and observable behavior is. • learn the aveda haircutting techniques. protect the client by using a clean cape and always use a towel or neck strip. they have about 5 million hair follicles, only 2 percent of which are on the head. topics include terminology, implements, sectioning and finishing techniques. hair cutting combinations. decide before giving ahair cut, whether to give adry orwet hair cut. 4 method 4 executing a blunt haircut.

don’ t stay behind. the tools to get the look experience ultimate excellence hair cutting theory pdf in cordless haircutting. - duration: 12: 59. cut lightly the first time you do any haircut.

if you want to shorten the hair 1/ 2 inch, cut it 1/ 4 inch the first time around to ensure that you’ re on the right track with your new design. if i can’ t get my hand in between the back of the hair and the point on the length of the hair where i will be cutting the outline, i ask the customer to stand whilst i cut the back. two basic guide lines are stationary and traveling stationary guideline is a guideline that does not move. 3 suggest hairstyles to suit hair growth patterns and hair texture. that’ s one of the reasons chemistry is covered in beauty school. hair that has an average degree of porosity is considered normal. keep these things in mind when cutting a style for the first time: 1 get a mannequin head to practice your first cut of a new style. 4 keep the hair pinned up as directed, so you never lose your way.

it is for this degree of porosity that chemical formulations of hair color are designed for when the label refers to processing instructions for “ normal” hair. what cutting angles previously learned helped us create the basic shape of today’ s cut? one hair color systems full spectrum™ hair color book ref # aper participant and educator. as the child’ s hair is sheared, friends and members of the community cover him or her with money and hair cutting theory pdf gifts. the ceremony is basically a party, where kids sit on chairs and are covered in special quilts known as tīvaevae. definition: a method of cutting or thinning the hair in which the fingers and shears glide along the edge of the hair to remove length. when cutting, and the actual line that is being cut. demonstrate this on your mini- whiteboard. normal projectionis another way to analyze the structure or length arrangement of a haircut. create the first travelling guide.

• determine whether to cut hair wet or dry. ) instruct learners to draw a large face without hair, e. cut the right section. use a traveling guide.

learn how to use the hair color wheel. theory 2 lecture, 8 lab hours ( 160 contact hours) course description: course description: introduction to the theory and practice of hair cutting. this is because if the back of the chair is in the way, i will be cutting the hair too far away from where it will fall and the line i cut will be poor quality. as a human ages, the density of hair decreases. make sure to go over each section of the hair a few times to ensure all hair is cut. related words & expressions: slithering, removing bulk from the hair context: slide cutting is useful for removing length, blending shorter lengths to lon- ger lengths, and texturizing. stacey broughton' s second lecture on hair cutting theory covers the influencing factors that affect the haircut you provide for your client. all the hair to one side to cut. continue this around the head. determine the length of the second layer. cut the top section.

4 section hair neatly 10. haircutting theory workbook. pdf free pdf download now! the hair is cut to different lengths to produce a variety of different looks, short hair can be texturized to give a spiky look, long hair can be made to look ragged or less uniform and using a combination of long and short hair more fashionable looks can be achieved.

cutting hair objectives after completing this lesson, you will be able to: • define the basic terms used in haircutting. over 1 million users save up to 70% off hair cutting. 5 method 5 cutting and trimming blunt bangs. unit 7 styling skills setting learners should be able to: 10. how do you appropriately drape a client for a men’ s haircut? with one extender, you can cut as long as 4 inches. start studying chapter 9 haircutting theory.

graduated 45 degree haircut - how to get the perfect graduated cut! if you want to shorten the hair 1/ 2 inch, cut it 1/ 4 inch the first time around to ensure that you’ re. learn haircutting theory with free interactive flashcards. com has been visited by 1m+ users in the past month. cut the left segment.

2 cut lightly the first time you do any haircut. unlike other mammals, human hair growth and shedding is random and not seasonal or cyclical. how do you cut hair in layers? determine the length of the top layer. with a second extender, 6 inches.

2 method 2 layering hair with the aid of a moving guide. it is because of this gravitational pull that we use elevation as a facet of cutting hair. it is also called the finger angle, finger position, cutting position, cutting angle, and shears angle. after you’ re satisfied with your handiwork, re- cut the hair to the desired length. each section of this hairdressing book covers the basic core theory that is needed to become a qualified and proficient hairdresser.

• the cut edge can be smooth and clean. the structure of hair a hair consists of two parts: a follicle and a shaft ( figure 3- 2). refine the contour line. ( if you are using mini- whiteboards, also hand out tissue paper / mini- whiteboard cleaners. how to master hair cutting techniques? the cape can cause the spread of disorders and should never. wow, i can' t believe how much i saved on hair cutting - cj. overview this lesson prepares you for cutting hair by presenting the. your results will be scored automatically and will display your strengths and weaknesses.

when cutting near the eyes lift the hair onto your finger do not cut free hand. 3 use a traveling guide. we part off the head into seven sections; based on the flats and rounds of the head. many variations and effects can be created with this haircut by adjusting the degree of elevation, the amount of over direction or the cutting line. level 2 hairdressing level 3 hairdressing cutting cut hair using basic techniques cut ladies hair cut women’ s hair to create a variety of looks guide nvq svq vrq parallel layers cut hair cutting theory pdf ( female) guide this guide takes you through the steps on how to achieve a female parallel layer cut. 4 mm/ day or about 6 inches per year. numbers 1- 5 are brown ( black, darkest brown, dark brown, medium brown and light brown) and 6- 10 are blonde ( dark blonde, medium blonde, light blonde, very light blonde and lightest blonde) – see the chart below for numbering. before cutting, brush the hair properly. choose from 72 different sets of haircutting theory flashcards on quizlet. how to cut your first cut?

• identify one- length, graduated, and layered techniques. the degrees of elevation are constant, regardless of the position of the hair on the head. at any given time, a random. hair coloring works by using chemicals to penetrate each hair cuticle and bond with the hair. with the old way of haircutting, you were always cutting a flat into a flat; making it a challenge for the client to get volume. skip the lines & save on hair cutters with amazon.

avoid cutting at an angle as this will create small lines because of the way the guard separates the hair before it feeds into the blades. cutting line: the angle at which the fingers are held when cutting and ultimately the line that is cut guideline: ( a guide) is a section of hair that determines the length the hair will be cut. it covers fundamental knowledge about cutting short hair but does not include a demonstration. 1 comb hair to detangle 10.

5 wind hair around rollers to base of section and secure with hair pins. traveling guidealso called the movable guide moves as the hair is cut. related searches for hair cutting theory workbook creative haircut for short hair. high porosity: the hair feels very rough. polynesian culture might have the best first haircut ritual. this is a theory class given to the associate stylists at paradise by perry. 2 select rollers appropriate to style requirement 10.

3 method 3 cutting face framing layers. place cutting sheet around the neck properly. each additional extender increases the range by two inches. 3 apply setting agent 10. csme 2410 advanced hair cutting and related theory performance objectives: a. depth or level simply refers to how light or dark the base colour of the hair is. the ends of the hair appear to be stacked in this haircut. layering hair with the aid of a moving guide divide the hair into five or seven sections. you will also learn what to consider when planning and applying your shape, as well as the cutting techniques that you can use to achieve your finished look. distribute the mini- whiteboards / scrap paper and marker pens. cut the remainder of the section.

( kerf is the width of the cut opening) • the cut edges can be square and not rounded as with most hot jet processes or other thermal cutting techniques. end- of- course outcomes: identify terminology and exhibit basic workplace in hairdressing terms, there are 10 main levels. guidelines: stationary or traveling section of hair that determines length the hair will be cut located at either the perimeter or the interior of the cut usually the hair cutting theory pdf first section cut. perform a hair and scalp analysis on all client’ s 5.

kind of hair you have got ( or the hair type in the picture). hair on the scalp grows about. you need to understand the basics of hair color so you can achieve the right color and don’ t damage your client’ s hair. take this free cosmetologist practice exam to get familiar with the subjects you may face on a cosmetology licensing or certification exam in your state.

hair that has a high degree of porosity is considered overly porous. hair cut theory 90° part1 - duration: 7: 47. section the hair and secure them with setting clips. natural falldescribes the hair as the lengths lay or fall naturally over the curve of the head. avoid forcing the hair into the cutting blades with a comb or your hands as this will create lines of demarcation. if you' re cutting a man' s hair, start hair cutting theory pdf near the scalp and lift slowly until your hands are just under the length you' re aiming for. make sure to get all of the layers. disinfect and sanitize all implements, tools and work station. this is the largest number of hair follicles a human will ever have.

it is a finished cut, requiring no further cleaning or treatment. given the objectives and guidelines for the course, the student will sculpt the assigned hair sculptures following all safety and sanitation guidelines. hair cutting technique done by placing the still blade into the hair and resting it on the scalp, and then moving the shears through the hair while opening and partially closing the shear cast method of manufacturing shears; a metal- forming process whereby molten steel is poured into a mold and, once the metal is cooled, takes on the shape of. if you are cutting long hair in a straight line parallel to the person' s shoulders, cut horizontally as evenly as possible. how to master hair cutting techniques 1 method 1 parting hair in five or seven sections. hair color is a science. in the polynesian tradition, cut hair comes with cool gifts. for some hair types, particularly coarse and kinky hair types, this might require a great deal more length than the hair can achieve. a simple way to decide the cut length is to stretch the hair next to the cutter.

the follicle is a club- shaped structure in the skin. then cut above your fingers. why is it important to follow all safety and sanitation procedures? what is the difference between a hair cut guide and a hair cut guide? for cutting longer than two inches, attach an extender tube ( insert and twist) over the telescoping dial. • create formulation folders for extend, to do this cut out magazine picture of a. the cut can have a very narrow kerf width giving a substantial saving in material. learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ” the system is based on sectioning the hair, using a comb to measure the high and flat points on the head. remember wet hair after cutting fall together on the floor but dry hair spread here and there and also on hair.

this guide determines the length of hair to be cut and follows the haircut. what is a taper and how does it affect the outcome of your haircut?

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